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'Get Lost'

Hello to those reading and also to my future self. I hope that you are looking after yourself.

What's been happening while you've been radio silent for the last few months?

My illustrations for the charity Communication Matters have been released so I can finally share them with you all. The animation that they are featured in has also just been submitted for an award (more information to follow)

Well, I have been accepted into the new Folded Zine exhibition 'Lost' at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. This opens on the 2/5/23 and I still am not entirely sure what it is that I am going to submit. I find it hard sometimes to come up with an idea on the spot when applying to these opportunities and often find that the idea evolves over time and becomes something entirely different to what I was originally planning. Case in point: The exhibition with Great Place Lakes and Dales last year. I was originally planning an elaborate comic book but then due to health reasons and surgery, the piece ended up being a lot different from a comic book.

I know that the title of my piece for the 'Lost' exhibition is going to be entitled 'Get Lost' and I have told the wonderful Marisa that my piece is going to be a singular A4 panel but who knows what it will actually look like.

So what else has been happening? I finished the EP cover for the band in Bristol. I'm so proud of it and can't wait to show you all. I have put a sneak peek of the work on my Portfolio page.

I'm also trying my best to finish the Heckaty Twitch children's book illustrations. It's taken me a while to get my head around the style and media but I have finally done it. Now I just have to find the time to put the images in my head on to paper. Thank you to Jacqui for her patience and understanding. They will be with you soon.

Another pretty big bit of news is that I got engaged to the absolute love of my life: Jonny! He is the most wonderful and creative partner that I could have ever dreamed of and I am so excited to see what other projects we get up to together. Speaking of which... Jonny's Zine: New World Soul is getting launched on Saturday the 8th of April 2023 at The Source in Carlisle. It's going to be an absolute blast! He's worked bloody hard on both the Zine and the event so if you can make it on Saturday then that would be excellent.

My short comic: 'One Person's Trash' and a few other illustrations are featured in the zine which will be available for purchase soon!

Kendal Zine Fest is also on again this year in July. Check out the page on my website for more information. Applications are open until May 1st so be sure to get on that. I have applied for some funding from both Kendal BID and also the local council so fingers crossed that will be successful. I'm really looking forward to having some more amazing local artists involved in that event once again.

I think that might be it for now :)

Have a lovely day (Thank god it's getting sunny: bring on summer eh?)

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