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Let's have a go at blogging then...

Hello to you, how are you doing? I really do hope that the answer to that is that you're doing well. And if not, then I hope that everything is better tomorrow.

Here I am, writing my first blog post. I suppose the purpose of this is to update you all on what I've been getting up to, but also for myself, so I can look back on how far I've come. I don't know about you but I often find myself feeling like I'm not getting anywhere but then I stop, and reflect and realise that I'm actually doing alright: plodding along and trying not to get too overwhelmed.

So, Jess, what have you actually been doing recently aside from hiding away from the world in your nest and drawing/ binge watching way too much Youtube?

Well, for my 'proper' job I am a Personal Assistant. And no, that doesn't mean I'm a secretary. I work in care with people who have various different complex needs. I have been doing this for nearly 4 years and I work full time. This is the job that pays the bills but I am working towards just being an artist... what a dream that is...

I have also been working full time as an artist. Any spare moment I have when I am not working as a PA or asleep I work on commissions, social media, admin, the dreaded HMRC Self Assessment, products to sell, applying for grants and organising events... (there is a lot more to being a freelancer as I am sure some of you know however I will not bore you with the details just yet)

Ok, enough nattering away... Let's get down to it

Let's start with a recent project that I am quite proud of. Last year whilst in Lisbon, I got an email through from a friend who asked me to design a railway poster and website banner based on a play that he and some others have written. They had received some funding from The Community Rail Partnership and ScotRail to create a geolocated play (Paul if you're reading this please do correct me if I have got the complete wrong end of the stick). After a few emails back and forth and also a few very lovely phone calls, the commission was on and boy did I have fun designing that poster. I absolutely can't wait to release it on my website and discuss more details about the project so please keep an eye out for that.

Also last year, I ran what I think was a very successful event in Kendal called Kendal Zine Fest. We had over 18 creatives join us to sell and showcase their work and I had an absolute blast. My plan for 2023 is to get some funding so that I don't have to self fund it again, but also so that the event can be bigger and better. I'd love to have the opportunity to have the event in multiple rooms with more stalls, more workshops, more performances and possibly even for more than one day. I've also added a page to my website specifically for KZF so be sure to check that out. I'll be updating it as I plan more events for 2023. Thank you to my partner in creativity and in life @s00pky for the fantastic photographs he took at our first event, I really appreciate that you took the time to photograph the happenings of the day. Thank you also to everyone who came and supported the event, we couldn't have done it without you.

Even though there are more things that I have been doing recently, those are probably two of the most important ones. I'm going to log off now as I can see my cat is about to pounce on my keyboard. If you made it this far, thank you for looking and have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening.

Ciao x

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