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Meet the artist


HOLLR interview

I am a freelance illustrator, printmaker and creator from Kendal in The Lake District, England.

I am primarily a black-line, pen and ink illustrator, who uses fine liners to create my illustrations. I have recently delved into the world of digital art, using Procreate to produce my work. My inspiration comes from the people that I have met over the years while travelling and also the beauty and complexity of nature.

Instead of following the mainstream education route, I spent some time hitching around protest sites and communities across the UK, living in various dwellings such as vans, benders, buses, treehouses, and caravans. While in these spaces I was away from the confines of technology and used my days creatively: cooking, drawing, and gardening. The people I met over those years have all inspired my illustrations in one way or another: be it the characters themselves or the ability to draw organically.


Creative Champion

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