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This sticker illustration has been taken from a hand drawn series of three panels exhibited in 2022 at Brewery Arts in Kendal as part of the 'Nurturing Creatives' Exhibition by Great Place Lakes and Dales and Folded Zine. 


My pieces were titled 'Ebb and Flo'. This organic-style comic strip followed two characters: Ebb and Flo (based on myself and my wee dog Storm) as they explored themes such as mental health management and how being out in nature can aid the work that we have to do in order to maintain good mental health. 


The female character in this illustration is wild swimming in a lake and is clearly at peace. I love wild swimming: it really helps my mental health to be able to get away from the world and swim out into the middle of nowhere, away from worries and other people. 


Dimensions: Approximately 14.5cm across (Sizes vary as I am currently cutting the stickers out by hand)


Thanks for looking


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